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Recently arrived in Houston? Been here for a long time and have never been able to watch games at a bar with other fans.... or at all?  Starved for the sound of a New England accent or just the sight of another Brady jersey? You belong with the Houston Patriots Fan Club.


We established the Houston Patriots Fans in 2006 with a handful of Pats fans and have grown it to include hundreds of passionate Pats people who are always ready to welcome a new face. We meet for every Patriots game in the regular and post season, and welcome Patriots fans with a friendly, inclusive and good-natured environment to cheer and celebrate.

Join us for any watch party during the season. No membership fees required. Just put on your Patriots gear and come cheer with us!


3:25 PM

Sunday, November 24, 2019


Join us at Diablo Loco this Sunday for a special raffle and a chance to win 2 tickets to the Patriots vs Texans on December 1st


Pick Six:  Observations from Game One

The Patriots kicked off the 2019 regular season on Sunday Night Football by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 33-3 at Gillette Stadium.  Before the game the home team unveiled the Championship banner, won in Super Bowl 53 this past February.  However, events from the previous day dominated the fan and media conversation:  Former Steeler receiver Antonio Brown was such a bad actor in Oakland this preseason that the Raiders released him, and hours later he had come to terms on a contract with the Patriots.
​2019 Regular Season

1.  Sep-8    Steelers, 7:20 PM - Win


2.  Sep-15  @ Dolphins, 12:00 PM - Win

3.  Sep-22   Jets, 12:00 PM - Win


4.  Sep-29  @ Buffalo Bills, 12:00 PM - Win


5.  Oct-6     @ Redskins, 12:00 PM - Win


6.  Oct-10   Giants, 7:20 PM - Win


7.  Oct-21   @  Jets, 7:15 PM - Win


8.  Oct-27   Browns, 3:25 PM - Win


9.  Nov-3    @ Ravens, 7:20 PM - Loss


               BYE WEEK                           


10.  Nov-17  Eagles, 3:25 PM - Win


11.  Nov-24  Cowboys, 3:25 PM


12.  Dec-1    @ Texans, 7:20 PM


13.  Dec-8     Chiefs, 3:25 PM


14.  Dec-15  @ Bengals, 12:00 PM


15.  TBD        Buffalo Bills, TBD


16.  Dec-29  Miami Dolphins, 12:00 PM

Patriots Fans from around the country joined the Houston Patriot Fan club at Diablo Loco for Super Bowl LI. See their reaction to the overtime touchdown that gave New England their 5th Super Bowl win.

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