Q. First things first. How do I join your club?


   A. Formally joining the Houston Patriots Fan Club means signing our roster. Among other things, this tells the Patriots organization how many fans we have as part of our club and that you are part of it. It also signs you up for our club e-newsletter and special communications from the Patriots. You do NOT need to be a member to attend any club events.

Q. Is there a Membership Fee?


    A. There is no membership fee at this time. In the future, we may introduce a package that carries extra benefits for paid memberships and provides an operating budget for club activities. We will never require membership to attend club watch parties, as we want to maintain an open, come-as-you-like policy for all Patriots fans.

Q. Where do you meet for games?

   A. We meet for every regular and post season Patriots game at Diablo Loco (Richmond Avenue @ Fountainview) in the Galleria area. Doors open at 11am on game days and Patriots fans who wear their gear enjoy special season-long discounts on drinks. Pats fans have a standing reservation in the main dining room, which includes a full bar, kitchen service, dedicated waitstaff, two large projector screens, 360 degrees of mounted HD TVs and a screen in every booth. The second dining room is usually reserved for Texans fans or other fan groups. As the Patriots enter and progress into the post season, all of Diablo Loco becomes a Patriots bar.

Q. Is there a cover charge to attend?


  A. There is never a cover to attend a game watch party. Cover charges are only instituted during our club charity rally parties which take place when the team plays in Houston. Funds from the door go toward our charity and to offset the cost of putting on the event.

Q. I don't know anybody in this club. Will I be welcome?

   A. You are a Pats fan. This means you are not only welcome, you are family. Our club prides itself on giving newcomers a warm reception and an inclusive experience. This isn't just a group of strangers wearing the same jersey and watching a game in silence. Our fans cheer loud, circle the room to get high fives, call every first down, and even do push-ups for every point scored -and we want you to be apart of that. Our aim is to make this the closest you can get to being at the game itself. 

Q. Are these watch parties kid and family-friendly?

  A. Our watch parties are kid and family-friendly. In fact, the kids are some of our biggest cheerleaders. The only exception is Thursday Night Football, in which Diablo Loco hosts a 21+ event in the other half of the restaurant. Please do note that while we are kid and family-friendly, Diablo Loco is still a sports bar and crude language can not be completely regulated by the club. If language becomes abusive, it will absolutely be dealt with, but we ask that in general patrons try to be mindful of children in earshot and that parents be patient with our more passionate members.

Q. I want to bring a fan from another team/opposing team. Is that okay?

   A. Fans of all teams are welcome provided they do not antagonize our group. We generally have fans of all teams mingled in with our group, and almost always one or two of the opposing groups fans. Larger groups of completely non-Patriots fans will not be allowed to take tables that are reserved for our club. These tables will be clearly marked as RESERVED FOR PATS FANS. Opposing team fans who sit with us should expect to be treated with respect by our group. If there is an issue, club leadership will take steps to reign in misbehaving Patriots fans and Diablo Loco staff or security can and will resolve disputes. Physical altercations will result in being booted.

Q. I love trash talking opposing team's fans. That's okay, right?

   A. Friendly, good-natured ribbing and trash talk is perfectly fine, and FUN! But please have an understanding of when it crosses the line into harassment and abuse. Our club strongly condemns abuse of other fans. Remember that when you wear the Patriots logo, you are representing the team. The way you treat other fans will influence how those fans think of all Patriots fans and the Patriots itself. It is always best to let your team do your talking for you. They usually have the best answer.

Q. Are there any food/drink specials for Patriots fans?

   A. There are season-long drink specials for every Patriot fan wearing Patriot gear. See our e-newsletter or club events page for a full listing of shot and beer/bucket specials.

Q. Where can I park?

   A. There is limited free parking at Diablo Loco for those who arrive early. Valet parking is $5 a car and a great option when there is no free parking. During the post season, valet may fill up before kickoff, but our valet service often provides directions to nearby safe, free parking. DO NOT PARK ACROSS THE STREET AT DAVE N' BUSTERS or AT WILD WILD WEST. YOU WILL BE TOWED!

Q. I've been harassed by another Patriot fan or other bar patron! Who can I talk to about this?

  A. Avoid participating in confrontation and immediately let a staff member or security know so that it can be dealt with. Feel free to tell/contact Amanda or Josh and let them know about it as well.

Q. Diablo Loco is too far away from me. Where else can I go to watch Patriots games in Houston?

    A. If you can't join us at Diablo Loco, we recommend watching the games Bowlero in the Woodlands at Lucky's Pub Downtown and Lucky's Pub on 290. Each location is extremely Patriot-friendly and generally have their own contingent of Patriots fans who attend weekly.

Q. What about the Draft & Preseason games? 


   A. As fun as a draft party sounds, experience has shown us that having an organized draft party event is not that exciting or well attended, especially since the Patriots pick toward the end night and often trade down. Very anti-climatic. We usually have small meet-ups during the Preseason, which consist of at least one game that is nationally broadcast. Unfortunately, two or three of the Patriots' four Preseason games are only available online through the NFL's Preseason package and can't be streamed to Diablo Loco

Q. Do you do anything besides watch the games?

   A. The Houston Pats Fans host special rally parties the Saturday before the Patriots play in Houston. We have also held Patriots tailgates at NRG stadium for these occasions. In the off-season, we will be organizing flag football games with a few of the other fan clubs in town, such as the Dallas Cowboys Fans of Houston, Niners Empire and Titans Fans of Houston. Club members also participate in charity fun runs and races as the "Houston Patriots Running Backs".

Q. What happens when the Patriots play in Houston?


    A. Our club hosts charity rally parties on Saturdays before the game and tailgate events at NRG stadium. These are generally ticketed events, in which we support a designated charity and in which we frequently have members of the New England Patriots organization in attendance. Our rally parties have games, door prizes, raffles, silent auction and contents. Our tailgates have food, a special tailgate trailer, and plenty to drink.

Q. Does the club organize trips to road games or home games at Gillette?

  A. We have not organized a club trip to any road or home games but will be planning to do so for the 2017 season. So check back!

Q. I'm moving to another city/state. How do I find a Patriots Fan Club there?

A. Houston is sorry to lose you! The first place to check is the Patriots Fan Registry, where you can find all registered fan clubs. Additionally, the Patriots Tailgate group on Facebook is an invaluable resource for fans outside the New England area. If the worst should happen and there is NO club where you are moving, be bold and start one! It only takes a few Patriots fans to get the ball rolling. We know from experience.



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