Bragging Rights - Patriots Unveil 5th Championship Ring

Members of the Patriots organization gathered on Friday night at a private event hosted at the Brookline home of team owner Robert Kraft to receive their Super Bowl 51 Championship rings.

The Patriots Super Bowl 51 is inscribed with a special reminder about the epic game
283 diamonds decorate the new Patriots championship ring, recalling the 28-3 score at halftime of Super Bowl 51

The ring looks similar to the Super Bowl 49 ring but slightly larger, featuring a encrusted flying elvis among a montage of five Lombardi trophy. More notable was the engraving of "Greatest Comeback Ever" on the inside of the ring. The ring also reportedly boasts 283 diamonds, a reference to the game's third quarter score of 28-3 that the Patriots overcame to win the championship.

Brady dons all five of his championship ring. Four of the rings, including this new one, are marked MVP.

While Brady was gracious to put the new and hardest fought for ring on his thumb to fulfill the "One for the Thumb" dreams of Patriots Nation. Others were snapped wearing their ring on perhaps a more appropriate finger.

One for the Middle Finger.

Want a ring of your own? Shop the Jostens collection at the Patriots Pro Shop

#BraggingRights #superbowl

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