What Was Behind Belichick's Extra Bling?

Photos of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick with championship rings on every finger, and even doubling up, has been making the rounds since the team's Friday ring ceremony. Many fans will recall that Belichick has two Super Bowl Rings from his time as New York Giants defensive coordinator (Super Bowl XXI & XXV) in addition to his five as New England's head coach. But fans, curious about the math and puzzled by the ten stunning rings on those championship hands.

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick flashes two hands covered in rings during the June 8th presentation of Super Bowl 51 Championship rings.

Leave it to the keen eyes of twitter to spot the identity and posit some meaning behind the extra rings. A closer look reveals three AFC Championship rings, two of which hailed from the 1996, 2007 and 2012 seasons, a reference to the two Super Bowls the Patriots lost.

A closer crop of Belichick's rings reveals AFC Championship rings and maybe a lesson about success.

It's reported that Belichick is known for flashing the rings that ultimately represent a failed season, showing that while many still like to remind Patriots fans of our 18-1 season, no one remembers losses as much as Belichick does. Perhaps this is a way to keep everyone's ego in check during a heady celebration, but maybe also to show that any team can rise up from defeat and take back the crown (take notes, Atlanta Falcons). In any case, these "loss rings" sitting on coach Bill's forefinger shows he is definitely making a point: Remember your losses as much as your victories. Even at a well-earned celebration for the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time, Belichick is still working. It seems that the #NoDaysOff mentality of the Patriots is still running strong as we head toward a new season, and another shot at glory.

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